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The wit, wisdom and frivolous foolishness of the fun-loving Quiescent Benevolence.   Connoisseur of ramen, cheap cigars and average whiskey and probably some other things too embarrassing for even me to admit.  Amateur writer with no expectations of exceeding that level ere I depart this mortal plane, or however that goes.

I recently retired and moved back to my ancestral lands (of at least a half dozen generations anyway) and plan to waste as much time as possible doing nothing useful, as long as it's moderately amusing.

I knocked out a quick template to fool around with, maybe I'll talk about myself and my books.  And maybe I won't.  For now I'm working on one that should be ready in a couple of months.  I'm getting opinions for possible final revisions.  In the Belly of the Beast is a true story about the Medical Industry, as experienced by a close friend.  We're working on a novel inspired by it, sort of a rural noir medical thriller.  Robin Cook meets Clayton Lindemuth maybe?  I only publish on Amazon Kindle but may make this and some others available in print if there seems to be a demand.
This space intentionally left blank.  Only it is no longer blank because I put some stuff in it.  That was also intentional. 

The story of someone who was ingested by the beast that is the Medical Industry, and only after escaping learned the worst thing about the true nature of the monster.

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